Advocacy Partners was started in 2005 by the Romero family. Our commitment and passion rises from the life we have led and the services we have sought for our daughter. We offer caring and professional support and monitoring for the individuals who provide direct residential and substitute care/respite for people who receive the NM DD Waiver. We offer Family Living Services and Substitute Care/Respite Services through natural families or surrogate providers who are trained and receive clearances from the state of NM. We also provide Community Access.

Our agency commits to be partners in our clients' lives to assist them, with their Interdisciplinary Team, to gain a level of independence that is appropriate for them.

We intend to offer true advocacy partnership by employing individuals who are trained self-advocates and can serve as mentors and supports for the individuals we serve. We will provide meaningful job opportunities and additional supports for the people you support. We believe that this is an innovative and creative way to serve a broader population.